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The environment demands rigour, respect and innovation from us.

Documents and Service Forms

Thanks to progressive investments in digitisation, a project is being developed that will allow our clients to access specific results and documents through a dedicated app.

Service Charter and General Terms and Conditions of Supply

S.C.A. guarantees constant information to its customers on all the ways in which its services are provided and on any changes to them, with particular reference to: regulatory aspects, company procedures and initiatives that may affect it, quality standards and their variations over time. To find out more consult our charter of services and stay up to date by following the dedicated company pages on the main social networks.

Guide to managing test reports in digital format

Digitally signed test reports are sent in .pdf and/or .p7m format, according to what is indicated by the customer on the form Mod. 751/14, concerning the modalities of transmission of test reports. It will be possible to verify the authenticity and validity of the signature according to the following. In addition, with the verification of the digital signature it is possible to be sure that the test report has not been modified after the signing operations.

Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct

S.C.A. Servizi Chimici Ambientali S.r.l. has decided to adopt an Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, to obtain and maintain UNI ISO 37001 Certification and to define a Code of Ethics and standards of conduct to which all stakeholders must refer when carrying out their activities.

Anti-corruption management system

The prevention of corruptive practices represents for SCA, in addition to a legal obligation, one of the principles on which the whole idea of business is based. As a further confirmation of its commitment to the adoption of the Management System for the Prevention of Corruption, according to the UNI ISO 37001:2016 standard, SCA S.r.l. intends to summarize and integrate in an organic framework, the rules of prevention of corruption

Quality policy

The objective that S.C.A. S.r.l. has set itself is to focus the efforts of its staff on the careful management of quality-related issues, both by differentiating its services while maintaining good professional practice and by constantly striving to improve company processes.

Policy for Environment, Health, Safety and Stop Work

SCA has consolidated a corporate philosophy sensitive to environmental, health and safety issues, which, in compliance with the obligations and regulations, is also developed through the analysis of appropriate indicators useful to verify the adequacy of the Policy over time.