Research and Development

Research and Development

Meeting the challenge of innovation

Technological research, study and development of innovations have always been SCA's strong points. We constantly invest in research and development through the acquisition of increasingly sophisticated equipment and the training of highly qualified personnel. 

To date, the areas of study concern industrial research and the experimental development of new processes and services in the environmental and food fields. 

In accordance with company policy, all research activities are directed towards respect for the environment, sustainable development and technological innovation with particular attention to improving analytical performance and digitizing workflows. 

Collaborations with Universities, Research Centres and Private Companies have contributed to the professional training of staff, which is one of SCA's strengths to date.

DSCS SPE (Dedicated Sample Clean-UP, Solid Phase Extraction)

Creation of an automatic SPE system capable of sequentially handling up to 15 samples, aimed at the determination of acrylamide and semi-volatile compounds in aqueous samples. 


Establishment of a long-term sampling system for heavy metals and Mercury in channelled emissions