SCA sponsors the States General of Waste in Puglia

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SCA sponsors the States General of Waste in Puglia

An industry event dedicated to discussing programs and goals for improvement in regional waste management was held at the Petruzzelli Theater

SCA joined as a private sponsor the day organized by Ricicla.TV on March 15, 2023, in collaboration with the regional section of the National Roll of Environmental Managers. Institutional and business representatives participated with the aim of fostering dialogue and awareness of goals and critical issues to be overcome. EU directives call for increasing recycling to 65 percent by 2035, while the region is stuck at 57-60 percent. As, explained Valeria Frittelloni, head of ISPRA's environmental sustainability department, we must therefore reduce landfilling to 10 percent and catch up in a structural framework in which the construction of new disposal facilities will be crucial. During the States General, the region launched the project of the new public management company ASECO, which will have to build and manage the new public plants for organic and sewage sludge. These are achievable goals, then, but the situation is complicated by bureaucratic issues that slow down the development of the sector and the need to counter the threat of environmental illegality. In the path yet to be taken to implement the Regional Plan, businesses play a key role, both in terms of related services and in terms of innovation of production processes from a circular economy perspective. The production and public sectors will have to move quickly on parallel paths, cooperating in the search for urgent answers and solutions so that sustainability with the standards set by the European Union becomes more solid and lasting.

The Rai Regionale report features interviews with Valeria Frittelloni, Ispra environmental sustainability director, and Giuseppe Angelo Dalena, president of the Environment Section of Confindustria Bari and Bat.

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